Endo4Him for Men

The Ageing Male

The specific needs of men in terms of hormonal balance and aging have long been overlooked. The occurrence of male andropause, the slow but steady decline of testosterone levels, is now generally accepted. Unfortunately, environmental pollution with estrogen-like products in out water supplies and food chain, speeds up the decline of testosterone and is believed to produce estrogenic dominance.

Young healthy men have a testosterone to estrogen ratio of 50:1. This ratio may drop to 20:1 with normal aging. After turning 40 men may have this ratio drop to as low as 8:1.This is called estrogenic dominance

The Signs of Low Testosterone

With the natural aging process, men experience decreasing testosterone levels, causing a broad range of complaints and dysfunctions. The gradual loss of testosterone starts earlier in young men today versus two or three generations ago.

Mood Changes

  • Low Energy, Fatigue, Depression
  • Lack of Motivation, Irritability
  • "Grumpy Old Man" Syndrome
  • Reduced Sexual Performance
  • Loss of Libido and Desire
  • Onset of Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
  • Reduced Sperm Count

Bodily Changes

  • Loss of Endurance
  • Loss of Muscle Strength
  • Abdominal Fat
  • Testicular Shrinking


  • Chage of Bodyshape
  • Loss of Body Hair

Prostate Problems

  • Enlargement and Other Prostate Issues

What Can Be Done About It?

Pathological situations require medical help. But the negatives effects of the environment and advancing age can be offset with nutritional and lifestyle changes.

Endo4Him is a carefully researched blend of all natural nutrients that have been used for ages in traditional medicine, and whose protective properties have been researched worldwide in reputable clinics and universities.

We have included nutrients that increase the body's natural testosterone production, and avoid its shutdown even if supplemental testosterone is administered.

Other ingredients avoid the transformation of testosterone into the harmful DHT which physicians believe to cause prostate problems, cardiovascular problems and even baldness.

A third family of ingredients slow the production of estrogens, promote the breakdown of estrogens into harmless substances, and promote the natural elimination of estrogens, preserving a youthful testosterone/estrogen ratio.

Who Should Use Endo4Him?

Adult males from age 35 onward who want to avoid the inconveniences of mental and physical decline that come with advancing age.

Men who want to keep a healthy sex life and who want to avoid or minimize prostate problems.

Individuals who take testosterone hormone supplements, or are on a Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) regimen, and who want to avoid their common side-effects.

Why is Endo4Him So Special?

Endo4Him is a food supplement. The important word is "food" and food must be taken in sufficient quantities to keep us alive and healthy. If Endo4Him were a drug, a small capsule with a few milligrams would suffice. The ingredients in Endo4Him are highly dosed to give you the equivalent of normal servings of a healthy and varied diet.

Endo4Him is a highly cost effective product. If you would try to get equivalent amounts of the ingredients in Endo4Him, either from a normal diet or from individual supplements, you would pay many more times the price.

Endo4Him is the only supplement that focuses at the same time on normalizing the body's natural testosterone production, and on prostate health.