Athletes have very special needs. We cater to some of them.

Endo4Him affects androgens and estrogens in men whose testosterone level is falling because of normal aging. It elevates it again to youthful levels. Endo4Him fights estrogenic dominance (too little testosterone and too much estrogen) caused by normal aging and by environmental pollutants. That's what is was designed to do,.and it does it well.

Athletes are looking for more... Athletes are looking for higher then normal androgen levels. Well, Endo4Him was not designed to do that. So we will not promise you bulging muscles after a week of  stacking with Endo4Him. But if you train hard and you believe in No Pain No Gain, Endo4Him will help to gain more with less pain.

We don't condone the use of steroids. But we know that some are using them.

If you are a steroid user, Endo4Him will lessen the dreaded down-regulation and probably avoid the inevitable complete shut-down of your own testosterone production. Its formula contains sufficient natural aromatase lessen the impact of estrogenic side effects (breast growth, lactation and belly-fat build up). It contains enough natural prostate health ingredients to lessen the effects of steroid use. Finally it contains enough natural ingredients that help eliminate toxins from the liver which is normally at risk from steroid use.

If you were a steroid user, Endo4Him will do all of the above, and will help to regain some of your own testosterone production, which was probably shut down with extended steroid use.