Frequently Asked Questions

Is Endo4Him 100% natural?

Yes ! All the ingredients in Endo4Him can be found in berries, fruits, vegetables and herbs.

The serving size is larger than other supplements. Why?

Endo4Him is a food supplement. The important word is food . And just like any other food, the natural ingredients must be taken in reasonably large quantities to produce their effect. The small quantities found in most other supplements are not even close to the amounts required to produce the amazing effects that you will feel with Endo4Him.

How long should I take Endo4Him?

If you are contemplating taking Endo4Him, you have probably reached the age at which the loss of Testosterone or prostate problems become noticeable through lack of energy, reduced libido and the many other symptoms discussed on our site. Endo4Him is a natural product which contains no hormones. Therefore, you should take Endo4Him for as long as you want to be free of these problems.

What will I feel when taking Endo4Him?

Endo4Him is a food supplement that restores your own capabilities to produce the correct hormones in the right quantities for optimum health. This boosts your mental and physical energy and improves your libido.

If you are suffering from common prostate problems like abdominal pressure, urge to urinate, difficulty to urinate, nightly wake-ups, etc, Endo4Him fights inflammation and produces relief. But there is more. With continued use, you'll find it easier to control your body weight, your cholesterol levels, and your blood pressure.

Nine out of ten users experience an increase in testicular volume and ejaculatory volume after one or two weeks already

How long does it take to notice a difference?

Age, genetic makeup, and lifestyle make us all unique. For the broad majority of users, the first changes become noticeable after just a few days of supplementation! Most of the additional amazing benefits of Endo4Him are experienced within the next three weeks, and the complete boost to your life will occur after about six weeks of consistent usage.

There are special cases. If you are suffering from any serious disease, you might notice the benefits over a longer period of time. And in that case, always consult with your doctor before starting supplementation with Endo4Him. If you have been a long term steroid user, your own testosterone production capacity might have been impaired or, in extreme cases, completely shut down. For those users, it might take a long time to see any changes at all except for the prostate protection aspect.

Is there a minimum age for taking Endo4Him?

This is highly individual! We think that all men after age 35 can benefit from carefully managing their hormone balance. Unfortunately, there are clinical studies that indicate that testosterone levels in men start declining much earlier today then in past generations. It is similar to the decline in male fertility in western-style countries. Environmental pollution by exo-estrogens, degraded products of plastics, and pesticides, are to blame. Therefore, men taking Endo4Him in their late twenties to early thirties is also justifiable if they are experiencing the symptoms described here.

I am on HRT. Can I still take Endo4Him?

Certainly! Endo4Him is a perfect complement for men that are on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). A feared side effect of testosterone HRT is the lowering or the total shutdown of ones own testosterone production. Some of the ingredients in Endo4Him oppose this lowering of endogenous testosterone which is excelllent for those on HRT.

The other side effect of HRT is estrogenic dominance. An aging male produces high quantities of aromatase, an enzyme that transforms testosterone into estrogen. Testosterone supplementation (gels, patches, injections...) can actually increase estrogen levels in men. Estrogen dominance produces undesirable attributes such as flabby breasts and fat on the hips and belly. Several ingredients in Endo4Him work synergistically to avoid the conversion of testosterone into estrogen, while others help your body to flush estrogens out, further improving results for those on HRT.

I am using a medical Erectile Dysfunction (ED) drug. Can I switch to Endo4Him instead?

ED is a complex phenomenon with dozens of reasons: circulatory issues, fatigue, or psychological. ED drugs produce "mechanical" erections and don't affect any of the underlying conditions.

Endo4Him works in a very different way. It will certainly not produce "instant" erections. However, while putting order in your hormonal system, Endo4Him improves your energy, your physical condition, your capacity to love, your capacity to get excited and your capacity to have erections. ED can also have non-hormonal causes. For these men, ED drugs and Endo4Him are a great combination.

I had BPH that evolved in hormone receptive prostate cancer. It is currently in remission. Can I take Endo4Him?

For any serious health condition, always ask your Doctor first. Estrogenic dominance is more and more linked to BPH and Prostate Cancer by the medical community. Several ingredients in Endo4Him can avoid BPH and strongly relieve its symptoms. Other Endo4Him ingredients have been used in clinical trials to slow down the progression of prostate cancer, both in patients that were treated (radio therapy or surgery) or not. But once more, DO NOT SELF MEDICATE in serious conditions like this. Endo4Him will certainly help you, but speak about it with your Physician.

Will Endo4Him help me lose weight?

There are no specific weight control ingredients in Endo4Him, but some of our users do report weight loss. Firstly, Endo4Him produces a metabolic shift from estrogen dominance to testosterone dominance. This by itself improves your lean body mass. Secondly, Endo4Him improves your energy levels and libido. We are sure that this will entice you to move much more. A healthy diet is the natural complement of Endo4Him for those pursuing weight loss. Being obese and consuming excessive amounts of coffee and alcohol reduce the efficiency of Endo4Him (for the curious: belly fat, alcohol and caffeine stimulate the production of estrogen.

Can I see the result in medical tests?

Most of our users do. In some exceptional case users noticed the positive effects of Endo4Him without noticeable changes in the measured hormone levels. Many laboratories are not familiar with the correct protocols to measure hormones in the male. Testosterone levels fluctuate wildly throughout the day. Other users reported improved PSA levels (Prostate Specific Antigen).

Do not try to interpret yourself your test results. Always get the advise from a properly trained health professional. Most generalist medical doctors are not trained in these matters. If you take your health and aging seriously, see a specialist anti-aging doctor and point them to our website if not already familiar with Endo4Him.

Who should not take Endo4Him?

No side effects have been observed and we can not think of conditions that would be negatively impacted by using Endo4Him. Yet, if you are suffering from a serious illness, speak about it with your physician before engaging in any supplement regimen such as Endo4Him.

Why does your label say that I should not take other high dosed supplements with Vitamin B6, Folate, Copper, Zinc and Magnesium?

Those minerals and vitamins are needed at the adequate doses to have the effect that our users expect. Adding more of them by taking other supplements can bring there doses to excessive levels.

What advise can you give to a beginning user of Endo4Him?

Firstly, congratulations for picking the best supplement available that will help you to elevate your hormones. Use the newly found energy to bring more physical exercise in your life and use the increased libido to bring more romance in your relatonships.

An appropriate diet can never be overstressed. Increase your consumption of proteins (poultry, eggs, skim milk...), eat a reasonable amount of good quality fat (Essential Fatty Acids from olive oil, rapeseed oil, Siberian pine seed oil, cold water fish oil...) and avoid at all cost trans fatty acids and hydrogenated oil (contained in most "diet" spreads and shortenings, most "TV dinners", and industrial pastries. Some US States have forbidden the use of trans fatty acids, but looking at the label is always wise.

Consume less carbohydrates and avoid High Glycemic Index sugars. These are abundant in everythat that tastes sweet, in many breakfast cereals, breads, pastryies, pastas (especially overcooked), in some vegatables (peas, beans...), and some fruits (bananas..). Again, always look at the label when buying industrial processed foods. Tables with Glycemic Index of food were published by reputable institutes and can be found here and here. Foods with a low index are better.

And finally PERSEVERE !!!! It took mother nature 20 to 40 years to run hammock in your hormone system. Give it some time to reverse the damage with persistent supplementation using Endo4Him!

Are there othere supplements that improve or accelerate the efffects of Endo4Him?

Definitely! The production of our sexual hormones is a very complex chain of biochemical processes  that need intermediate molecules. Our researchers have observed that DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) and Pregnenole can magnify the benefits for those that may not feel the full effect from Endo4Him alone. We have not included them in the Endo4Him formula because the regulations for their use vary from country to country. We are planning to make the right doses available as separate products in the respective countries whose regulations allow it.

Stress is the enemy of hormone health because it raises cortisol which in turn, destroys testosterone. Taking supplemental N-Acetyl-Carnitine has been shown to regulate cortisol. We are planning to make this available with its necessary co-factors.